From the idea to the company

The idea of Network of Arts originated in 2017 when our co-founder Florian Paul Koenig was professionally active as an artist. He has produced works, realized projects and made exhibitions at home and abroad. He noticed how the systems and mechanisms work in the art world. This started to bother him and he decided to change that. Thanks to a friend, Florian met the second Florian. His focus is on the economy and the development of companies. The search for the right partner from IT was also a short one. With Christian Klauenbösch, the third was quickly found. Since then a lot has happened and NoA has developed from a joint-stock company. But our basic conviction has remained the same: we want to create opportunities for the artist to work professionally, to earn money and to advance her career. Our visions know no bounds.

We are proud to be able to count on a great core team and freelancers who make the creation of an art agency possible.

Since 2019, we can also count on the support of investors.

2017 to present

August 2020

1. Art & Construction — Competition & Call for Proposals

On behalf of our customer (LBB) we develop an art & construction competition program in cooperation with TGS Architects. In cooperation with Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten, we are working on a vision in parallel: to integrate the artist as a specialist planner into architectural competition teams.

July 2020

1. Skulpturenpark

On behalf of a customer, we are planning a sculpture trail in a monastery garden.

April 2020

1. Art & Construction Project

On behalf of the Löwencenter Lucerne, we open our first art & construction project

March — August 2020

Corona strikes

We are lucky to be online, not to have to pay fixed costs such as rent. Nevertheless, many exhibitions and projects have to be postponed.

March 2020

Launch of our Artist Office

On Friday, the 13th March, we publish our completely reworked Artist Office. We change our business model, artists pay a subscription fee, in return we do not charge a commission for online sales.

June 2019

1. Educational workshop

On behalf of the Art & Mediation course at Hochschu Luzern Design & Art, we held our very first workshop on the topic of art market reality in June 2019. Incl. Visit to Art Basel.

May 2019


After many discussions with artists from all over the world, we have decided to start an educational program. First customer: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences Design & Art.

May 2019

1. Digital platform for a customer

A big step for us. For a corporate client, we cloned our platform to manage his own artists. This helps the customer to grow their audience and manage their artists.

February 2019

NoA Funding Fund

On the same day as our foundation, we founded the NOA Funding Fund to support and promote the work of our artists.

February 2019

Foundation of the joint-stock company

Thanks to the income from our services and financial support from investors, we were able to found Network of Arts AG at the beginning of the year.

October 2018

Re-launch of our platform

After working on our platform for another year and listening to our users, we launch our Platform 2.0.

August 2018

10. Exhibition successfully opened

After several shows with ups and downs, we opened our first exhibition in the capital of Switzerland for a corporate client.

December 2017


We are very grateful for the grant from the city of Lucerne. Thanks to the financial support (CHF 20,000.—) we were able to further develop our platform.

September 2017

1. Exhibition

For our very first corporate client, we opened our opening exhibition just one month after the official launch of our platform.

August 2017

Launch of our platform

We have built our website and our team. We launched our platform with a great article in the Luzerner Zeitung.