About NoA

“Giving art a platform, building bridges and reaching a new audience.” This is the basic idea of the company “Network of Arts”, founded in 2017, and its founders: Florian Rieder, Florian Paul König and Christian Klauenbösch. Your plan? Beat several flies with one stone!

On the one hand, they want to use the change of the art brand for the benefit of (young) artists. This means supporting the economic promotion and professionalization of artists by opening up new opportunities by creating a curated network and building software to organize their own artistic activity. On the other hand, the three are convinced that art is not only reserved for a small elite:

Art should be experienced in everyday life, because anyone can become an art lover and thus enjoy cultural diversity, colour and inspiring content!

Our core team

Florian Rieder

Chief Financial Officer

As co-founder of NoA and responsible for HR, finance and marketing, Florian keeps track. After completing his apprenticeship as a computer scientist, he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in business informatics at the HSLU. Nothing held him back from starting his own company in the middle of his studies!

Just as he has the interns under his supervision at NoA, he worked on the board of the football club Adligenswil and promoted sports juniors there. Florian also likes to be physically active and feels at home in all sorts of disciplines. In business, his sportsmanship is reflected in fair negotiations and concentrated strategy discussions. A true team player!

Christian Klauenbösch

Software Engineering

Christian, can be found literally in the background of NoA – in the office you can find him behind three huge screens. There he programs our website! After his original apprenticeship as a polymechanic, he changed fields and completed his masters’s degree in Business Information Technology in Lucerne.

When working as a software engineer, he occasionally mutters something in front of him or even grabs his head, yet he hits the mark with his programming. As with his hobby, in which he won the Swiss Masters title as a shooter! This shows us that what Christian does well is to concentrate properly.

Florian Paul Koenig

Chief Innovation Officer

Florian is responsible for the artistic direction and exhibition projects. He obtained his BA in Fine and Studio Arts at the HSLU, after which he moved to the ZHdK for the MA. Nothing stopped him from co-founding NoA in the middle of his studies!

If he doesn’t recharge his batteries with a coffee, he’ll probably carry a work of art through the office or you’ll find it in a curator’s meeting. Florian’s enthusiasm for art and the NoA mission is clearly palpable, whether he argues in French, German or English and no matter how shaky the video call connection is sometimes. Since he himself worked as an artist and is now curated, he can meet the NoA artists and curators on an equal footing.

Aniko Koltai

Head of Artist Relations

Aniko is a versatile, exciting personality and is responsible for artist relations at NoA. She is currently a Fine Arts Bachelor student at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During almost 20 years in tourism marketing, she has explored the world on numerous trips. Then she decided on a new path and according to her motto “Life is too short not to do what you want to!”, she did not shy away from the change of industry into art. This requires courage, just like her hobby: Aniko is often in the air as a paraglider pilot!

With their “can-do” attitude and creative spirit, we are always impressed by their diligence and initiative. Aniko looks beyond the box (in the air you just keep an overview) and can quickly adjust to changes – cross-entry back and forth!

Eliane Ruesch

Social Media Manager

Do you follow NoA on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram? Eliane would be happy! She is responsible for exciting content creation and regular posting on social networks. Perhaps that’s why she uses a lot of Anglizisms? In addition to her studies in social and communication sciences in Lucerne, the internship was just right for her to gain professional experience. The thing that she didn’t know much about art before was not an obstacle, but rather a motivation! As the only non-coffee drinker, she prefers to enjoy her water in the office, but finds it funny when she is automatically asked again and again if she also wants a coffee.

Melissa Jetzer

Editor – in – Chief
Journal of Arts
Photo Credit: Tatjana Rüegsegger

Melissa studied art history at the University of Zurich. She is our youngest curator, but she is no one in the way of engagement! She is involved, among other things, with the hip art venue “TART” in Zurich, but also with the “Haus zur Ant” in St. Gallen, where she participates in the young art scene. Previously, she worked for half a year at the “Kunst Halle St. Gallen”.

In her free time, they can be found in all kinds of art museums, often equipped with a large camera. Or you just don’t meet them, then it’s probably just exploring the art museums of other European cities…


Foto von Manuela Zeiter
Manuela Zeiter


Manuela completed her studies in fine arts, art history, music and German philology with a teaching diploma at the University and PH Bern. Afterwards she completed a postgraduate MAS in Cultural Management Practice at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. 

She is involved in various cultural projects, with a particular focus on education and inclusion. At NoA she is mainly responsible for the cooperation with and curation of the Foundation for Severely Disabled Lucerne (SSBL). 

She is committed to the inclusion of people with various disabilities through art and music. She plays in the inclusive orchestra “Tabula Musica” and is responsible for orchestra coordination.  For almost 10 years she worked at the Kindermuseum Creaviva in the Center Paul Klee. The teaching of art from the youngest child on is close to her heart. She gives art workshops in the context of Lapurla (a HKB and Migros project).  

As co-curator, she runs the Offspace o.T. space for contemporary art. She is also a staff member of the Erica Ebinger-Leutwyler Foundation, which owns an art collection. She was a board member of the Kunsthoch Luzern and is a member of the board of trustees of the Foundation for the Support of Visual Artists of the Visarte Central Switzerland. 

Sabine Häberli


As an art historian and curator with ample experience, we are pleased to call Sabine a member of our team! After several positions as a research assistant, among others at the Institute for Art History Bern and the Kunstmuseum Basel, she headed the Basel Museum “Kleines Klingental” for three years.

She has been working as a freelancer since 2016. In addition, Sabine is responsible for the project coordination of the “Cantonale Berne Jura”, an association of nine exhibition institutions that present the art work from both cantons in a united annual exhibition. Since 2017 she has also been active at the Association Kloster Schönthal, responsible for the visitor services and more.

Sabine is engaged as a curator and copywriter for NoA, mainly in the Bern and Basel region, where she knows her way around. When she has to ventilate her head with art and culture, she prefers to go into the wild.

Michael sutter

Director Kunsthalle Luzern

Michael Sutter (*1988 in Lucerne) graduated from the University of Bern with an M.A. in art history, with a focus on exhibition and museum life. He is an art historian, art critic and since 2015 managing director and curator of the Kunsthalle Luzern. He writes regularly for various art, cultural and architectural publications and is an editorial member of the 041 – The Cultural Magazine Lucerne. As a board member of the Kunsthoch Luzern association, he participates in the annual day of action. In addition, he is on the board of the Kunst-Forum Central Switzerland and co-president of the Association of Swiss Institutions for Contemporary Art. He also holds the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Support of Visual Artists of Visarte Central Switzerland.

He lives and works in Bern and Lucerne, where he works for NoA as a freelance curator. We think it’s great that we can count someone like him who is fully committed to art and culture to our team!

Catrina sonderegger


Catrina completed a postgraduate degree in curation at the Zurich University of the Arts. Now she is the chief curator at the art space “TART” in Zurich! Prior to the exhibitions, she worked as an art mediator at the Fotomuseum Winterthur and also has a background as a restorer and conservator.

Her repertoire includes a wide range of published texts on art, culture and lifestyle. It is important to Catrina that art becomes more accessible again and breaks down inhibition thresholds. Through her work, she wants to make her contribution to making art more “everyday” again. We think she’s in the right place at NoA as a freelance Zurich curator!

Olivia Fahmy


She graduated from both the University of Lausanne and the University of Bern with a bachelor’s degree in art history, political science and history (2014). During her master’s degree, she focused on the history of exhibition and contemporary photography. She is currently completing her training with an MA specialising in Digital Humanities. Between 2014 and 2017, she worked as an associate curator at the Musée d’art de Pully (CH), where she oversaw exhibitions of contemporary artists, in particular Sophie Bouvier Ausländer (2014), Luc Andrié (2016) and collective exhibitions with photography curated by Pauline Martin (2017). Most recently, she curated the exhibition Going Where We Come From (2017-2018), an alternative exhibition in the streets of Athens, which takes place alongside Documenta14. Invited by Marie Dupasquier to the Kunstraum Display for a stay in Berlin last year, she will now work with the Centre for Photography (Geneva). In the past, she has worked at the Center for Contemporary Art in Yverdon-les-Bains, at the CHUV for its collection of contemporary art, as an intern at the Swiss Institute of Art (SIK-ISEA) and for Galerie Rath in Berlin. Since 2015, together with Sophie Ballmer, Anne Sylvie Henchoz and Guillaume Pilet, she has created the independent art space TUNNEL TUNNEL (Lausanne) to pursue curatorial projects.

Melissa Jetzer

hoto Credit: Tatjana Rüegsegger

Melissa studied art history at the University of Zurich. She is our youngest curator, but she is no one in the way of engagement! She is involved, among other things, with the hip art venue “TART” in Zurich, but also with the “Haus zur Ant” in St. Gallen, where she participates in the young art scene. Previously, she worked for half a year at the “Kunst Halle St. Gallen”.

In her free time, they can be found in all kinds of art museums, often equipped with a large camera. Or you just don’t meet them, then it’s probably just exploring the art museums of other European cities…


Journal of Arts

Michel Rebosura

Journal of Arts

Paul Buckermann

Journal of Arts

Raffaela Kolb

Journal of Arts
Photo Credit: Tatjana Rüegsegger

Country Ambassador

Erika ruggle

Responsible for Grenada


René Meile

Gallery Urs Mile

Marta Kwiatkowski

Reflector Gallery & Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

NinA neuhaus

ETH Zurich – Foundation

San Sebastian

Sebastian Utzni & San Keller

Head of Art & Mediation, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences Design & Art


Magdalena Schuwey

Rahmerin, Atelier Schuwey

Liberty Specialty markets – Murielle Gindraux

Insurance of art & exhibitions

Erika ruggle

Mediation offer for our artists

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Florian Paul Koenig, our Chief Innovation Officer, works on a voluntary basis on several boards of cultural associations.

Kunsthoch Lucerne

Florian is president of the Association of Art Institutions of Lucerne, next joint day of action: August 2021

Artclub luzern

Youngest member of the Board of Management, since 2020

The Artclub Lucerne and its members are primarily committed to the Kunstmuseum Luzern. The club was founded in 2000 as a private art promotion association. He supports the museum in an ideal istic and material way. For example, he speaks for contributions to exhibitions.

Alumni hochschule luzern

Departmental Group Design & Art, since 2018

Defunct teams of the European People’s Squad

  • Wanja Manzardo, Graphic Design
  • Oliver Faust, IT Development
  • Alessandra Gut, Marketing & Communication
  • Tobias Spaliner, Acquisition & Development
  • Laura Moor, Graphic Design